Need for EC — Council Certification.

EC – Council can also be referred to as International Council for eCommerce consultants. This consultant provides necessary needs for securing information in the (Eccouncil) organization. It can also be reported to be an organization where it gives several certifications to the professionals in E-business and security field. Considering the various risks and issues in the ethical hacking certification exam, this organization responds only to the present and emerging issues.

Eccouncil is well fabled for its Ethical Hacking and countermeasures certification or CEH V6. Since this certification is awarded from EC- council, this certification will be considered as you of the main certifications for the Ethical Hacking field. The ethical hacker is just a professional name whose main responsibility is to try the software. This professional (Ethical Hacker) is recruited in every topmost companies to be able to attempt the computer system penetration for fixing all possible computer vulnerabilities.

Significance of Eccouncil certifications:

The certifications from the EC – Council can help the candidates to locate opportunities in a variety of companies. Hence, successful Eccouncil certified candidates are not only an expert but also know to locate solutions for current technology issues. Eccouncil has agreed with several companies to construct a relationship for sharing their unique product information. So, plenty of seminars 2021 waec runs, E-books, articles, and conferences are conducted in every major cities round the world. Not merely in every major cities all over the world but also on the internet. Therefore, candidates who’re thinking about certifying with EC- Council certifications can stay in touch with various organizations because EC- Council association has several organizations as members.

Examination cost and registration procedures:

All EC – Council (Eccouncil) examinations can be registered through Prometric centers. Candidates who’re thinking about certifying with the Eccouncil certifications can contact the nearby Prometric centers or registration can be even done online through the Prometric website. The eccouncil certification examinations fee starts from 250$ without any vouchers or discounts added.

Almost majority of the examinations will last up to 4 hours of time duration and consists of 150 questions approximately. The minimum score to pass the EC – Council (Eccouncil) certification exam examinations is 70% and retakes are possible by following the same registration procedure. Candidates are permitted to take the examinations only in the authorized test centers and after successful completion of any examination; candidates will get the certification Exam from Eccouncil within 6 to 8 weeks from the date of results announced.

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